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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I call of you with FAMILY

when tears fall in my eyes, you come to erase it.
when laugh come, we laugh together for the same things.
when angry come, all of you or me, keep calm. keep listen what you or me telling something until end.
when love come, all of you still support. although disagree with my choice or us.

we are eat, sleep, laugh, love, life, live, angry, tears, travelling, holiday, culinary, joke, take a picture, groupie, maked something crazy, hugging, kissing, comment for everything, ect together.

i call all of you FAMILY.

thank you for everything you gave me. 
i love you more than anything, nothing word for explain it.

i begged with You God, please save all of them.


Laila Sabrina,
Astri Andriani,
Devi Ari mutti,
Laras Saty.

container, January 06, 2015 / 11:08 am
With love,
Laras Saty

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