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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Real Man

its just my opinion about man.
if you disagree with me, tell me now, don't tell behind me.

the real man is smoker?!
no, i think passive smoker its better right.
although my father heavy smokers too. i can't ban him. huhft

for heatlhy, world, people in your around.
so difficult what i tell or discuss about smoke.

the real man, never make your woman cry.
everything the reason. 

the real man, open the door for woman.

 the real man, used an umbrella for woman if rainy come.

the real man, not roughshod with woman.

the real man, always apreciate the action with woman.

the real man, must me on time.

the real man, say "will yo marry me?"

the real man, priority is "ladies first"

the real man, talk less do more.
example yesterday, i have uncle in karawang, not relation in family, but him very close with my family.
until my father die.
he's with wife play in my home, and we're converse everything.
and he's want to watching tv. and my mom said, "u can't watching tv, because the antenna can't used"
after minute and then they are go home. and few minute they come again.
with bring the new antenna plus install in my tv. 
what a great man :)
cc: om meidi

thanks for my man!

cc: all of man in my life, without exception

Container, Karawang January 08, 2015 / 12:52 pm
with love,
Laras Saty

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