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Saturday, December 6, 2014

You are ...

for the first time i know you, i think you are cool man, brave, independent, humoris, talkative, long hair, so friendly, and.........

and in my first opinion you are still same with first i saw and know you. haha

you don't like mineral water except Aq*a.
you very like yuppy.
you used shabby brown jacket, the favorite jacket -_-
you matic lover.
you a branded man.
you always scratch your hair if you have a nerveous.
you are clean man.
you are prepare man.
you are with a long hair.
you are mother's child.
chocolate lovers.
acoustic player.
the handsome big brother.
you are father's child.
similar with your father. 
an animal photograper.
swimmer are you?! 
and any more... 

if you want to add?

more less 5 years i know and nearby with you, i think you are so awesome boy!

you are the only exception ;)

this picture had a take in Ungaran, i think sindu's photograph.
after we lost in Ungaran, one of montain in Semarang.
exactly in Gentong Pass.

Karawang, December 06, 2014

With love,
Laras Saty

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