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Monday, December 1, 2014

Ritual Sunday Morning

Ritual every sunday morning my family and I make me spirit grow up.
until my dad not in here, and go there, we are always do ritual sunday morning in tomb.
and then jogging out of home, for hunting breakfast and playing games.
with my mom, sista, niece, and I.

sometimes in sunday i go to work -__-
hemmmm.. i don't like if sunday must be work.
because, my schedule in sunday too much in home.
from sleep until wake up.

i really missing my dad..
dad.. this flower i take in your tomb..
i hope u like this..

in tomb, to much frangipani (bunga kamboja), 
so i think u cozy in here.
many ur favorite flower right?!

don't worry..
i will take care of mom!
trust me :')


Countainer, Karawang, December 01, 2014
12:38 pm

with love....
ur little daughter,
Laras Saty

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