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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My hobby is singing and writing. Since i’m 5 years. Singing is my soul. My sista hate me if i singing, i don’t know, she said my voice is bad. But i think my voice is good, very good :D :D yup, until  i’m tobe collegian in undip, i’m following vocal group in FSM (faculty of sains and mathematic), i’m training in there, i think my voice to be better ^^

And about writing, not different with singing. I like with my hand writing, because it’s so big :D :D my room in house and  kost full of my hand writing. It’s make me not alone. Now, writing in my site in blog. Yup i have blog since 2009 ago. It’s for my task in IT  lesson. Making blog for publish my task. Andthen ninil is my friend help me to publish my task to my blog.
Now i like writing and singing. I hope 1 years again tobe singer and writer very famous in the world ^^ #amiiiiin
8 April 2012
@ nenek’s house
My room

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